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All Star Game Reflections

What a great All-Star game we witnessed this week. Outstanding pitching, great throws, a couple of home runs and some good hitting. When did the all-stars decide they should be running? 6 stolen bases - made some good catchers look bad. However , what I will remember most is the pre-game celebration. Luckily I was able to attend 2 all-star games (1962 and 1969). Seeing Schmidt and Brett, Yogi and Willie, Hank and Ernie was great. I believe that I personally saw all the Hall of Famers play except Bob Feller and Ralph Kiner. I only wish Bench and Koufax had made it to the celebration. Learn more about Stargames.

1962 - President Kennedy through out the first pitch. Stan the Man, playing in his last all-star game, started the game winning rally with a pinch hit single. Maury Wills (the year he stole more than 100 bases) pinch ran and promptly stole second. No homerun derby then - we saw it in batting practice. Willie Mays and Ernie Banks were the only ones to make it to the bleachers in RFK. Johnny Callison blasted a lot over the fense in batting practice and singled in the game. "The Great One" Roberto Clemente had 3 hits. Don Drysdale, who won 25 that year, started for the National League and mowed down the first 7 American Leaguers - then little Luis Aparicio lined a triple to right center. What a great day for a 13 year old to be at the ballpark!

1969 - Tremendous thunderstorm washed out the game the night before. The following day, the National League crushed the American League with Willie McCovey hitting 2 out. Johnny Bench, in his first full season, hit one out and was robbed by YAZ of another. The next day, Charles Finley offered a lot of money to the Reds for Bench - I thing it was $100k. Imagine what Bench would bring today. Learn more about Stargames gutschein.
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